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Mastermind Book Club

Welcome to the Mastermind Book Club

This is a stress-free community for time-crunched business people to UNLOCK INSIGHTS from great books and share ideas on how to IMPLEMENT game-changing strategies and tactics  


Ted Prodromou and Tom Ruwitch are your hosts.

Here’s how MBC works: 

Every month, Ted and Tom will choose a great business book for the group.

Ted and Tom will read the book. You can read it, too – but only IF YOU WANT TO. 

In the MBC community, Ted and Tom will share short videos, blog posts, and other conversation-starters. 

You can comment and participate in any conversation you choose...

...or you can start your post/conversation. 

The idea: 

Share insights drawn from the book.

Discuss how to apply those insights to improve your business.

Celebrate success as you or other members implement 

The key word above: IMPLEMENT. 

We’re not discussing these books for sh%ts and grins.

We’re doing this to...

...Take business-advancing ACTION.